Kimberley Mead, Psychotherapist

Kimberley Mead
Licensed Professional Counselor & Supervisor, NARM Therapist

Specializing in complex trauma and grief
Supporting movement towards self-reflection and healthier life decisions

I earned my masters degree in Counseling from St. Edwards University here in Austin, Texas and worked for 4 years as a grief therapist for Austin’s Center for Grief and Loss, as well as Paladin an out patient dual diagnosis program for long term care. Over the past 9 years, I have grown a thriving private practice in south Austin. I am a certified NARM therapist and also utilize Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, IPNB, and self compassion in our work.

I support restoring and deepening resiliency by working with all the parts of the brain – the emotional, physical, and thinking self and believe therapy should teach us how to engage and release the remorse and pain of the past, calm our fears of the future, and to live more fully in the here-and-now.

My clients have expressed that they appreciate my warmth and authentic desire to learn and understand their world, balanced with direction and insight. I am committed to providing the most transparent, honest, and supportive therapeutic relationship possible. I am open about my thought processes and share my resources with you as I believe that therapy should be engaging and not a mystery.

I offer an environment where you can explore and challenge yourself without getting overwhelmed or lost. Throughout the process you will learn to trust your gut, trust the process, and trust yourself in what you need. I encourage all my clients to become curious not only about their thoughts but to also learn to be with their feelings. From anger to grief – every emotion is warranted and valid, they exist to help us navigate the world. I am always telling my clients “emotions are information packets.”


I chose a Swallow to represent my practice as one of the meanings associated with the swallow is “a return to home”. Some parts of life are a long and dark journey, and to heal we must we meet ourselves again and reemerge into life.

I grew up in both California and Ontario, Canada; and took root here in Austin over 20 years ago. Before becoming a counselor, I had a successful career as a visual designer and worked in the corporate world as a Director and consultant. I still pursue my artistic passions through acting and photography. I believe this diverse background as a therapist, artist, and business woman has helped me deepen my appreciation for the variety of experiences and backgrounds that my clients bring with them.

I am always interested in growing my skills and offering more tools to my clients. I have sought out in-depth training in attachment, grief, trauma, shame, adoption, and interpersonal neurobiology. If you’d like to know more about my training, feel free to view my curriculum vitae.

In truth, I believe that I learned the most about love, living a life of joy, and healing from my dog Gus. Good boy Gus.