I am accepting LPC interns obtaining hours toward full LPC licensure. Currently, my practice is designed to accommodate 6 interns to ensure one-on-one availability and attention. One spot is available beginning January 2020, interviews will take place in October and November of 2019.


I aim to offer the space and guidance to help you develop a strong sense of who you are as a clinician and business owner, grow and deepen your clinical skills, and define what you need to thrive. Having built my business from the ground up and having worked in the corporate world, I also offer practical guidance as to the ins and outs of building a private practice. As a supervisor I strive to be accepting, interactive, attentive, and responsive and is invested in serving you as you become a confident, flexible, and grounded clinician.

I view my role as your supervisor in the following ways. I am a teacher and sounding board for clinical and ethical issues that arise in therapy; a mentor for the personal aspects of becoming a therapist, identifying and supporting your areas of growth and self care, and a consultant to help navigate the business aspects needed to manifest your plan as a fully licensed therapist.

I push my growth edges and deepen my skills by attending trainings and I strive to strengthen my work by seeking out diverse voices and experiences. I will ask you to do the same and commit to at least one in-depth training of your choice while you are interning.


My work is attachment based and trauma-informed. It incorporates both a top-down and a bottom-up approach. My work is highly informed by NARM (NueroAffective Relational Model), IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology), Somatic Experiencing, and trauma-focused therapies such as EMDR. I see adults and couples, and specializes in working with adults of adoption. My areas of expertise include grief and loss, attachment, childhood trauma PTSD, adoption, shame, and relationship issues. I am a sex positive and all-inclusive therapist.


I earned my masters degree in counseling from St. Edwards University. My therapeutic career started as a grief therapist for Austin’s Center for Grief and Loss and over the past 8 years, I have grown a thriving private practice in south Austin. I value the variety of experiences and backgrounds that people bring with them and strive to provide a non-judgemental and supportive environment that encourages inquiry and restores resilience. In 2016, I completed my LPC supervisor training with Wingspan.

$325 per month. This includes:

  • Guaranteed 4 hours of supervision each month.

    • Individual Supervision. 2x a month, one hour of one-on-one supervision.

    • Group Supervision. 2x a month, two hours of supervision, no more than 4 individuals in a group. The current group meets at 10am on Wednesday morning, the second group is currently planned for Thursday mornings at 10am.

    • This schedule offers up to 6 hours of supervision a month. This also creates a buffer for days missed for illness and holidays.

  • Private Practice Development

    • Office Availability: Interns who are working to build private practice have use of a full time office as well as access to my office when I am not seeing clients. There is an administrative fee per client hour to use the office.

    • Discussions regarding private practice building strategies, opportunities, building relationships, and practical considerations.

  • Accessibility between sessions and emergency access when needed.

  • Abundance of resources and support. In fact, I start you off with a HIPAA training, my training for starting a private practice, and guidance on notes and suicidality.

Supervision occurs at my office, 2525 Wallingwood Drive, near Zilker Park. The office has four other well established therapists on-site plus one body workers. The office site is adult-centric by design.


Supervision is at least a 2 year relationship, and sometimes as long as 5 years. That’s a big commitment to enter into. As such, I encourage you to think deeply as to what you need and then interview numerous supervisors before making a decision. To help you and I get started in our conversation regarding supervision, please fill out the form below.