Adoption is not a single event in a person’s life. It is an ongoing event, as it continues to impact the life of those involved. Adults of adoption often question our value, struggle with vulnerability and relationships, and feel out of place. We’re frequently over achievers, perfectionists, and our own worst critic. We’re searching for a place to rest and belong.

Adoption likely amplifies our reactions to life’s events such as the start or end of a relationship, the birth of a child, health issues, reunion with biological family members, or the loss of a adopted parent. Our partners, friends and family, and even ourselves, are often caught off guard by the intensity and sudden eruption of emotions. In short, adoption has created a more complicated life for an adoptee and continues to exert influence over our responses.

As an adopted person myself, I am intimately aware of the complexities which are present in our relationship to ourselves and others. I have a deep passion for working with those who have been adopted, helping untangle the confusion and push/pull inside, and bringing light to the lifelong impact. In fact, it’s why I became a therapist. I work from a relational and somatic framework, allowing you to safely explore and connect the pieces.

I primarily work with adults of adoption, however, I also offer consultation to spouses, adoptive parents, and professionals looking to grow their knowledge in the impact of adoption. Book a Session with me…

Below are some great resources on learning more about the adoption experience: