I anticipate two openings to come available in Summer of 2023. If this time frame works for you, or you want to get on a wait-list to work with me, please complete this application as a first step in the interview process.

Finding the right fit is of utmost importance. Ideal candidates are those looking to work in a private practice setting, attachment and trauma focused, creative thinkers, and motivated self-starters. To start our conversation, I’d love to hear more about you, your goals, and your vision.


I am a highly collaborative supervisor. As such I look for clinicians who:

  • are trauma and attachment/relational focused
  • are self motivated and creative thinkers
  • want to work in a private practice setting and learn the business of private practice
  • dedicated to developing a strong sense of who they are as a clinician and business owner
  • seeking to deepen their clinical skills and willing to explore their growth edges
  • sex positive and queer-, poly-, or kink-affirming

I view my role as

  • a teacher I am a sounding board and guide for clinical and ethical issues that arise in therapy. I am invested supporting you as you become a confident, flexible, grounded and respected clinician.
  • a mentor I tend to the personal aspects of becoming a therapist, identifying and supporting your areas of growth and self care.
  • a consultant I educate and help navigate the business aspects needed to manifest your vision towards a full licensed therapist.  Having built my business from the ground up and having worked in the corporate world, I offer practical guidance as to the ins and outs of the skills and fortitude needed to be a successful and ethical business owner.

I value the variety of experiences and backgrounds that people bring with them and strive to provide a supportive environment that encourages inquiry and mastery. I’m always pushing my growth edges and deepening my skills by attending trainings and seeking out diverse voices and experiences. I will challenge you to do the same.


I have over a decade of experience working with grief and loss, childhood trauma and complex PTSD, shame, and relationship issues. I am adult adoptee, and specialize in working with adults of adoption. I am sex positive, LGBTQI+ ally, and all-inclusive therapist.

My work is attachment and somatically oriented. I draw from NARM (NeuroAffective Relational Model) and Somatic Experiencing and incorporate elements from my training in EMDR, Attachment Theory, and IPNB. My couples/relationship work draws from Gottman and Attachment theory as well as applied improv (yup) and I work with both monogamous and consensual non-monogamous relationships. Please feel free to review my full list of education and training.

My therapeutic career started as a grief therapist for Austin’s Center for Grief and Loss and time with Paladin, a dual diagnosis outpatient treatment center. I have a thriving private practice in south Austin and founded Resilience Austin.

Though now I couldn’t imagine being anything else, I haven’t always been a therapist. I started out at school with a degree in photography and design worked as a graphic and UI designer in the corporate world, a photographer,  consultant, and eventually creative director. I also created a card game to help adults undo the taboo around talking about death.



    • 4+ hours of supervision each month. Supervision alternates weekly between Individual and Group. Individual Supervision are 1 hour of one-on-one attention – just you and Kimberley. Group Supervision are 2 hours of discussion and case consultation with Kimberley and your peers. There are currently two groups that meet Thursdays 10am-12pm and Wednesdays 10am-12pm.

    • Abundance of Support Access between sessions and “SOS” emergency consultations when needed.

    • Resources to create a sound understanding of HIPAA, writing ethical and efficient session notes, treatment planning, working with suicidality, trauma informed care, along with other foundational topics.

    • Active support around self care and preventing burnout. Burnout, overworking, and secondary trauma is a huge issue within our community however it is often spoken about but not actively demonstrated on how to prevent it. Kimberley has created a schedule that allows for self care, catching up on admin tasks, trainings, and time off. Starting this practice early can help prevent burnout.

    • Rich discussions on how to create an ethical, sustainable, and thriving private practice Many of us dream about opening a Private Practice, however, school often doesn’t often teach the business acumen needed. I offer support and the guidance, skills, and resources needed to build an ethical, sustainable, and thriving private practice. Areas we’ll delve into include developing relationships, strategies for finding clients, defining your offering, record keeping, ethical management, insight into the finances of running a practice, setting and discussing fees, self care, establishing a voice and vision, and defining your values. Many of my associates have leveled up to full licensure with an established thriving practice.

    • Opportunity to gain experience in a private practice
      Resilience Austin is a counseling collective serving as an incubator for those on the path to private practice but aren’t quite ready to take the leap on their own. You’ll see client in a private practice setting, earn money, and establish yourself early in your career. We’re different in that you’ll get to keep what you build and truly get the feel for what it takes to make a private practice, while having support and guidance. You’ll work with a team of like minded clinicians, set your own schedule and fees, and develop the business skills you’ll need to create a sustainable, ethical, and rewarding career. 

      Resilience Austin is an attachment focused working with individuals and couples emerging from grief and trauma. Our collective is small by design in order to offer personalized care and accessibility. Our clients’ work never gets overshadowed by metrics or policies. Learn more about Resilience Austin