I’m a licensed professional counselor in Austin, Texas, and work with grief, complex trauma, and specialize in working with adults of adoption and the unique challenges they face. I’ve been in private practice since 2011.

Why I do this…

I believe we all have an inherent resilience, and though sometimes it may be hidden under our trauma and grief, it is never destroyed. Sadly, there are times in life that are a long and dark journey, I’ve traveled those paths myself, and I’ve come to believe that to heal we must we meet ourselves again. For this reason I chose a Dive Swallow to represent my practice as one of the meanings associated with the swallow is “a return to home”.

What you can expect

Our greatest strength is in learning to sit with and be curious about our thoughts and feelings. To free ourselves we must create a connection between our emotional, physical, and thinking self. I offer an environment where you can explore and challenge yourself without getting overwhelmed or lost. Throughout the process I’ll be beside you as you to learn how to trust your gut, trust the process of healing, and trust yourself again.

Therapy helps us to engage with and release the pain of the past, calm our fears of the future, and to live more fully in the here-and-now. From anger to grief – every emotion is warranted and valid, they exist to help us navigate the world. I am always telling my clients “emotions are information packets.”

You can bring your whole self and I’ll be here with you.

My clients have expressed that they appreciate my warmth and authentic desire to learn and understand their world, balanced with direction and insight. I am committed to providing the most transparent, honest, and supportive therapeutic relationship possible. I am open about my thought process and share my resources with you, therapy should be engaging and not a mystery.

I strongly believe that diverse backgrounds and experiences enrich us. People of all races, genders, faiths, sexualities, abilities, and sizes are all welcome in my practice.

I’ve lived a little…

I grew up in two artistic towns – one on the West Coast in California and one on the East Coast in Ontario, Canada. I took root in Austin over 25 years ago. Though I am devoted to the world of counseling, I haven’t always been a therapist. I’ve been a Creative Director, a traveling consultant in the corporate world, a small business owner, and a photographer. I haven’t left my artistic passions behind, I continue to create art through acting, design, and photography.

I want to keep learning and evolving…

I returned to school and earned my masters degree in Counseling from St. Edwards University here in Austin, Texas. Since 2011, I have run thriving private practice in south Austin and in 2019 opened Resilience Austin, a relational and somatic focused group practice providing high quality and deep therapy to couples and individuals. I am a certified NARM therapist and utilize Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, IPNB, and self compassion in my work.

In pursuit of continuing to grow as a therapist and to offer more to my clients, I choose to invest in advanced trainings in attachment, grief, trauma, shame, adoption, and interpersonal neurobiology. In truth, I believe I learned the most about love, living a life of joy, and healing from my dog Gus. Good Boy Gus.


The Serious Stuff to Know About Your Therapist

Kimberley Mead, LPC-S (she, her)

Specializing in complex trauma and grief
Supporting movement towards healing, self-reflection, and agency

  • Practicing psychotherapy in the Austin area and virtual telehealth sessions and consultation to those in Texas
  • Graduated from St. Edwards in Austin, TX with a Masters in Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Board approved supervisor, supervising LPC Associates and postgraduates toward licensure since 2016
  • NARM certified therapist
  • Trainer and speaker, key areas of focus adoption and grief
  • Advanced training in Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, attachment, and IPNB
  • Grief therapist for four years at Austin Center for Grief and Loss
  • Founded Resilience Austin, a group counseling practice in 2019
  • Sex positive & BIPOC ally
  • Adult of Adoption
  • Dog mom

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