Relationships are tough. Many individuals come to relationship counseling – with or without a partner – when their relationships are failing to meet their needs, they feel distant or stuck in conflict, to develop healthier more open communication, or after a crisis. I work with those who are repairing a love relationship, recovering from a divorce or breakup, or wanting to break their patterns and learn how to develop healthier relationships.

Together we can…

  • address and heal old wounds
  • reduce conflicts and stress
  • foster healthy communication
  • encourage healthy boundaries
  • increase the ability to express needs and desires
  • create a path forward after a break in a relationship
  • nurture connection
  • develop the capacity to receive and offer love
  • recover trust

I am extremely comfortable talking about intimate details and offer a relaxed style and open-minded attitude.

I provide a confidential, all-inclusive, sex positive practice. I support all relationship choices, be they “traditional” , “non-traditional” or “alternative”.

Relationship Counseling Session: 55 minutes.
Please see my Fees and Insurance page for more information.