Contrary to popular belief, grief does not happen in predictable or measurable stages. Each person’s response to grief is unique. It is big, unpredictable, and, like a wave, it keeps coming at us relentlessly. The emotions and physical impact that come with grief can be so intense that they can seem frightening, confusing, or overwhelming. At times, the grief we endure can seem unbearable and endless.

Sadly, the world around us often tries to push away grief and sorrow. Asking us to “get over it” and return to normal, productive, happy lives. Yet, for those who are grieving, this often provides nothing but isolation in a world is forever changed.

No one should have to sit with their grief alone or afraid. I offer a supportive and safe environment that provides connection, healing, and growth. A place where you can explore and navigate through your grief with someone who will help you not get lost or drown in it. Grief, and it’s intensity, is a natural part of life. It demands that we go through it, not around it. If we make space for love, we must also make space for grief.

Nothing can wipe away your memories, both the beautiful and the painful. However, you must find a way, your way, to carry them forward into the life ahead. I can be with you as you do.