We’ve all had those moments when we say “I know that, but it doesn’t change how I feel”. I encourage curiosity and openness so that the question changes from “why…” which is only so helpful, to “what is this, and what do I do with it…” which propels us forward into living a full life.

I’ll work with you to…

    • calm physical symptoms of trauma and anxiety
    • release shame and guilt
    • increase playfulness and nurture curiosity
    • experience emotions and memories without spiraling into them
    • free themselves from rumination and conflict to be in the here-and-now
    • gain confidence
    • find their innate courage and strengths
    • increase healthy connection with themselves and others
    • discover meaning and vitality in their lives
    • nurtureĀ beliefs and behaviors that are in line with who they are as a person, while leaving behind those that are not